Moves are on to stop the extradition of Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, arrested in Benin Republic.

A source who wants to remain anonymous said on Tuesday morning, that meetings are holding on the matter by Yoruba leaders, including monarchs.

The source added that lawyers have been mobilised to stop Igboho’s extradition to Nigeria.

According to him, leaders of the Oodua Peoples Congress, Ilana Oodua, and other groups who petitioned the International Criminal Court are involved.

In a copy of the petition sent to ICC obtained by our correspondent, other groups involved in the agitation for the Yoruba Nation are Yoruba Strategy Alliance, Igbega Omo Oodua, Isokan Omo Oodua, United Yoruba Kingdom, Egbe Omo Yoruba, Oodua Foundation, Obirin Oodua Agbaye, Yoruba Intelligent Group, and Igbimo Omo Ijebu.

Among others are Paramole Igbimo Agbaagba, Akoni Obirin Oodua, Concerned Omo Yoruba, Oduduwa Awareness Group, Oodua in Diaspora, Afonja Descendants of Apapo Yoruba Nation and Ile Agbara Oodua, and Egbe Idanileko.

The source said, “We met overnight and reached some resolutions which I may not be able to discuss. Most of us have not been able to communicate with Igboho since the Department of State Services raided his house but we heard the news of his arrest late on Monday. We have involved lawyers who are currently battling to stop his extradition.

“What the lawyers told us is that Igboho is a political criminal and there is an extradition treaty between Nigeria and Benin Republic which does not support the Federal Government’s action. While we expect the law to take its cause, most of us want Igboho’s right to be respected.”

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