Conflict erupted between bandit king pin, Bello Turji and his rivals in Zamfara forests resulting in the death of about 30 terrorists.

Among the terrorists who died when the conflict heightened, were some leaders among the gunmen and their loyalists.

According to a BBC Hausa report monitored by newsmen on Wednesday, the gunmen who were killing and abducting people, started the in-fighting on Monday up till Tuesday when Bello Turji led an operation to invade the procession of another terrorist called Dullu.

Reports indicated that the operation led to the death of Dullu and about 30 of his gunmen.

Locals in the area said the battle was fought at the village of Maniya in Zamfara State in which both Turji’s side and the other suffered loses.

Apart from Dullu who died in the fierce encounter, another notorious terrorists called ‘Dan Maigari was also killed.

It was reported that the operation led by Turji was a reprisal attack that arose after some of Turji’s relations were killed by Dullu’s men some days back.

According to a source that craved for anonymity, ”some of Turji’s relations who were in transit to Kano for medical attention, were intercepted by ‘Dullu’s men who opened fire and killed them.”

The source explained that it was earlier thought that Dullu was still killing people but Turji was said to have repented.

Both sides suffered during the fierce battle, as it was reported that after hours of exchanging fire, Turji succeeded in capturing ‘Dullu with his hands and killed him afterwards.

“On Turji’s side 16 gunmen were severely injured and it will not be possible to carry them for now,” according to the source.

Those from Turji’s side said they killed 29 or even more because the casualties were many and they couldn’t stay to count them.

”But those killed are 30 or more,” they said.

It was also reported that Turji caught some natives of Maniya and killed them afterwards.

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