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Traditional rulers have been urged to ensure that they stand with their people at this difficult times to combat the menace of the terrorists bedeviling the nation

The Coalition of Northern Groups, Katsina State Chapter, made the call in their condolence message addressed to the Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari, concerning the recent killings of the Jibia Divisional Police Officer DPO, Abdulkadiri Rano, and 50 others in the last four weeks in the state.

CNG expressed deep worries over the lackadaisical attitude and approach of the government in winning the war against terrorism, saying that the Nigeria security apparatus are grossly under staffed, ill-equipped, and poorly motivated to fight the course.

CNG In the condolence message, by the CNG Northwest Coordinator, Jamilu Aliyu Charanchi, the civil society organization said they are “deeply disturbed by the despicable and unchecked decimation and emasculation of our people; destruction of livelihoods; abuse and exploitation of women and extortion of poverty-stricken communities by terrorists in the State.”

As a way out of the quagmire, the CNG called on traditional rulers to ensure that they stand with their people at this difficult times to combat the menace of the terrorists bedeviling the state.

CNG therefore recommends that: “Communities must work together under the traditional institutions, religious leaders and community leaders are to source for alternative method of preserving and protecting their lives, properties and communities as our security architecture proves incapacitated and or reluctant to decisively and resolutely deal with the problem.”

The message partly reads:

“In the last few days, armed bandits /terrorists across Jibia, Batsari, Bakori and Faskari have killed scores of helpless and defenseless citizens, in addition to multiple kidnappings and other forms of exploitations. Regrettably, these killings, abductions, maiming and exploitations have been going on incessantly with no respite in sight.

“We therefore find the recent killing of Magaji Yangayya, DPO Jibia, and an army officer in the state very worrisome and alarming.

“CNG has gathered shocking and frightening information that suggests that some of our villages are firmly under the control of the bandits where levies or taxes are imposed on our people, subjecting our poor people into further economic deprivation and devastation. The stories are condemnably   demoralizing as over 50 innocent, defenseless and impoverished citizens of the state were killed systematically in the last four weeks.

“While these atrocities go on with alarming regularity, the federal government appeared to have completely surrendered prerogative of the use of force to the bandits/ terrorists who today operate parallel governments in villages and communities in the State where they impose taxes and levies on the villages and kill people at will.

“We are convinced that the Government and its functionaries have lost the political will and determination to decisively deal with the problems once for all.

“The security institutions are grossly understaffed, ill-equipped and poorly motivated to sufficiently confront the monstrous terrorism and rampaging banditry and force them out of their hidden enclaves.

“Therefore, the CNG calls on traditional rulers to stand with their people at this difficult and scaring situation to confront the challenge for our collective survival.

“While we condole with families of the bereaved, state government, traditional rulers, Commissioner of police, Nigeria Army and all well meaning citizens of the state, we equally implore our teaming youth’s in the state to rise to the occasion.”


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