President Muhammadu Buhari has assented to Harmonised Retirement Age for Teachers in Nigeria Act, 2022, which makes 65, the retirement age for teachers throughout Nigeria.

The Harmonised Retirement Age for Teachers in Nigeria Act provides for the retirement age of teachers in Nigeria.

Section 1 of the Act clearly states that Teachers in Nigeria shall compulsorily retire on attainment of 65 years of age or 40 years of pensionable service, whichever is earlier.

Section 3 of the Act provides that the Public Service Rule or any Legislation that requires a person to retire from the Public Service at 60 years of age or after 35 years of Service shall not apply to Teachers in Nigeria.

The bill was one of the four bills recently passed by the National Assembly which Buhari signed on Friday.

Other bill signed by Buhari are the Nigeria Law Reform Commission Act, 2022, National Biotechnology Development Agency Act, 2022 and the Federal Medical Centre, Hong (Establishment) Act, 2022.

The Nigeria Law Reform Commission Act repeals the Nigeria Law Reform Commission Act, Cap. N118, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.

It facilitates the effective implementation of the Commission’s Law Reform Proposals and enhance its performance and bring the Law in conformity to best practices.

The National Biotechnology Development Agency Act provides legal framework for the National Biotechnology Development Agency to carry out research, create and develop public awareness in biotechnology to encourage private sector participation in biotechnology industry in Nigeria.

The Federal Medical Centre, Hong (Establishment) Act establishes the Federal Medical Centre, Hong, Adamawa State.

The Act provides Legal framework for its management and administration.

According to the law, the Medical Centre will be headed by a Medical Director who shall be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Minister of Health.

The medical director so appointed shall be the Chief Executive and accounting officer of the Medical Centre as stipulated in Section 9 of the Act.

Umar Ibrahim El-Yakub, Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on National Assembly Matters (House of Representatives), was at the State House for the signing of the bills.

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