KAJAKI, AFGHANISTAN - MARCH 14: Local Afghan militia and Afghan Army soldiers consult March 14, 2007 in Kajaki, Helmand province, Afghanistan. Afghan troops, along with British Marine trainers, patroled through the area near the Kajaki hydroelectric dam. NATO and Afghan forces are battling Taliban in the area, as part of Operation Achilles, trying to enlarge the safety zone near the dam so that a USAID project to upgrade the facility can begin. The military operation, involving 4,500 NATO forces, is the largest NATO offensive yet in Afghanistan. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)


  • Situation in Kabul has become more difficult – Qatari official 

 The Taliban will ask Qatar for technical assistance in operating Kabul airport, Qatari based Al Jazeera news channel reported on Friday citing a source in the Islamist movement.

The Taliban have asked Turkey for technical help to run the airport after next Tuesday’s deadline for all foreign military forces to pull out of Afghanistan, an ultimatum they say applies equally to Turkish troops.

Earlier today(Friday), two officials told Reuters Turkey will not help run the airport after NATO’s withdrawal unless the movement agrees to a Turkish security presence, after deadly attacks outside the airport highlighted the perils of any such mission.

Meanwhile, Qatar, which has assisted evacuation efforts from Afghanistan, is closely monitoring the situation in Kabul, which has become more difficult, a Qatari official said on Friday.

“The situation has become more difficult on the ground with recent developments and additional measures imposed, but Qatar is still committed to supporting the people of Afghanistan with the evacuation efforts,” the official said in a statement.

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