By Braxton Ilobah
As news of the arrest of Yoruba nation agitator Mr. Sunday Adeyemo (a.k.a. Sunday Igboho) in the Republic of Benin on Monday trends on the social media, a Nigerian retired army General has expressed some reservation with the contention that the arrest will heat up the polity and ultimately create problem for the Muhammadu Buhari administration.
Speaking with SECURITY on phone on Tuesday in reaction to the widely reported news of the arrest, the former two-star General who craved anonymity said “even though I may be a supporter of government, I am in no way jubilating over the arrest of the Yoruba activist because his arrest and possible prosecution would create more trouble for this government than any one may think.”
According to the General of South West extraction,   Sunday Adeyemo is not acting alone in the agitation for the Oduduwa Republic.  He has the Yorubas behind him and you can imagine the spontaneous reactions by some elites who are warming up to stop his extradition to Nigeria.”
“If you ask me, President Buhari should not allow the over-zealousness of the nation’s security agencies take the nation to the precipe. They are just looking in one direction without being mindful of the fact that once there is breakdown of law and order, anarchy sets in. There is already so much trouble in the land. Just at the weekend, 13 police men were killed in ambush by bandits in Zamfara State. Such incident should be a lesson to our government that Nigerians are getting toughened by the day. Members of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPoB are battle ready in the South-East waiting for anything to happen to Kanu.”
The General has called for caution, insisting that instead of forcefully bringing the likes of Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Adeyemo into prosecution over the self determination struggle, the government should seek a means of finding solution to the main issues at stake.  The world has gone beyond the use of force in seeking unity. Nigeria should not be an exception.”
He stated further that “if this government continues in this way, I am afraid Buhari would have a turbulent time in the remaining two years of his term and he may be unfortunate to preside over the disintegration of the country.”

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