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A former Senate President Bukola Saraki said he will end the nation’s dependence on oil will because non-oil sector will enjoy a leap if elected as the president of the country come 2023.

Saraki, who unfolded his agenda at a media breakfast session in Abuja, said enough of lamentation by Nigerians.

Saraki who promised to protect every part of the country against terrorists and bandits and ensure the construction of 500,000 affordable units every year, also pledged commitnent to the Rule of Law by putting an end to impunity.

He said: “As long as a single village or forest in this country is controlled by terrorists, or bandits or any other criminal groups; as long as any of our citizen lives in fear; as long as our soldiers and other security agents do not get the right training, the right equipment and the right incentives, the job is not done.

“And it is for these citizens that I want to be President, because I will do everything to protect the lives and properties of every Nigerian and everyone that live within our borders.

” I will ensure that all our men and women in uniform are well-trained, are well-paid and are well-equipped.”

Saraki, who described himself as a pan-Nigerian leader, assured the nation of a robust economy from 2023 under his watch.

He added: “As long as crude oil revenue remains the mainstay of our economy, and we remain so vulnerable to the volatility of international oil market, then the job is not done.

” And this is why I want to be President, because I will raise the revenue from the non-oil sectors to the same level as we currently earn from oil.”

The former President of the Senate said no more room for impunity in the country once he is elected as a president

” As long as there are still people in this country who believe that they can break the laws of Nigeria with impunity; who think that crime has no consequences, then the job is not done.

” And this is why I want to be President, because I will ensure strict compliance with the rule of law and guarantee consequences for crime.”

Saraki spoke on why Nigeria had been in crisis.

He said: “We never lacked ideas in this country. We all seem to know what needs to be done.

” What we have missed is leadership; the ability to rally everyone and everything around agreed priorities, to set measurable targets, to be uncompromising in achieving results, and to accept no excuse or justification for failure.” This critical vacuum is what I intend to fill. This leadership with a purpose is what I bring to the table, and this is what would make the difference.

“Indeed, we can be the generation that says, ENOUGH TALK, ENOUGH LAMENTATION, ENOUGH BLAMING EACH OTHER — THIS IS TIME FOR ACTION. This is the time for real work, this is the time to fix our Nigeria, and to make Nigeria work for all Nigerians.”

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