1) Do not allow your children who cannot recognise voice, to open doors for strangers/visitors.

2) Recognise the voice of the visitors/strangers before you open your doors.

(3) Lock up all your doors, when you are indoors, especially evening time.

(4) Switch off all your electric gadgets, before going out, even when there is no power supply from electricity distribution company.

(5) Check all your cooking materials, before you go out.

(6) Stay away from any strange man, who looks like a pregnant woman, he may be carrying harmful products.

(7) Lock up your cars, even when you packed them in your compound.

(8) Protect your cars and motorcycles keys from being duplicated by suspected criminals.

(9) Protect your SIM cards, from being stolen by suspected criminals, else they can use it for ransom negotiation.

(10) Buy Fire extinguishers for your cars and houses.

(11)Tell the teachers of your children not to release them to anybody, except on your request with evidence from you.

(12) Do not allow strange people to sleep in your house, direct them to the nearest Police station, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), DSS.

(13) Do not send your ATM, BVN pin to anybody on any account.

(14) Do not pay for any car or goods online, if you are not sure of the source.

(15) Do not allow little children to go to school , Mosque or Church alone.

(16) Do not travel without informing anybody.

(17) Report all suspected criminals to the Police, Armed Forces, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), DSS.

  1. Lock Your Doors when you are Watching Movie or Your Favourite TV Shows.

  1. While watching your favourite TV SHOW using a Generator and it suddenly goes off,  Do not rush out immediately to open your door.

It may be armed robbers.

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