A law seeking a maximum of a ten-year jail sentence for anyone who discloses the identity of a security personnel on duty resulting to their harm or death, is underway in the House of Representatives.

The “National Security Agencies Personnel Identity Protection Bill, 2021”, is sponsored by Rep. Oluwole Oke(Osun-PDP).

“A person who wilfully disclose the identity of a Security Agency Personnel or Agent to a person to whom he is not authorized on behalf of the government to disclose, is guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of five years or a fine not below the sum of five hundred thousand naira or both. 

“Where the unauthorized disclosure of the identity of a Security Agency Personnel or Agent is likely to or results in grievous bodily harm or death of the Personnel or Agent or in any manner, impedes the intelligence collection of the Security Agency, the punishment shall be imprisonment for a term of ten years without option of fine”, the Bill states in part. 

The piece of legislation is expected to be considered in September, when the National Assembly will resume from its Annual Recess.

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