In view of current insecurity in our environment, there is the need to be more security conscious and at least take some precautionary measures.  hereby advise on these safety tips to safeguard ourselves:
Security is everyone’s business.
1.    When driving, always keep vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up at all times especially in traffic jams and at traffic lights. 
2. Avoid driving alone at night and do not stop when you have flat tyre (your attackers may be close by).
3.  Avoid placing valuable items such as cash, laptops, phones, cameras, bags, etc. on vehicle seats.
4. Park your vehicle in areas that are well lit.
5. Survey the area around your vehicle before you approach and be aware of suspicious movements.
6. Avoid taking side roads at night try to use main roads.
7.  Do not carry original documents about.
8.  Avoid walking alone at night.
9.  Carry only the amount of cash you will need.
10.  Do not display lavish lifestyle pictures on social media.
11. Keep a low profile.
12. Stay alert in public places, including schools, hospitals, government facilities, places of worship, tourist locations, and transportation hubs.
13. Avoid crowds and demonstrations
14. Carry proper ID
15. Monitor local media for news and reports. 

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