The recent attempt by the Muhammadu Buhari administration through Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu, to hoodwink Nigerians into believing that the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr. Isah Pantami has not committed any ‘sin’ against the Nigerian State through his association with terrorist groups for what it is, is like an open admission that terrorists are free in Nigeria in so far they have something to show as  ‘positive talents’ irrespective of how many thousands of innocent lives they must have vicariously wasted.
At a time terrorism is considered a ‘taboo’ by  civilized countries of the world and efforts are being stepped up to end the ignoble regime of terrorists anywhere, the Buhari administration is romancing the likes of Pantami, a self-confessed apostle of Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist groups.
It is a huge insult to the sensibility of discerning Nigerians that rather than call a spade by its name, Nigeria’s leadership wants the citizenry to see Pantami as the best Minister of Communication the country has ever produced since ICT service providers bow and tremble before him as far as service charges are concerned.
The presidency as represented by Garba Shehu, sees Pantami’s association or support for terrorist groups as non issue as the so-called relationship predated his perceived excellent performance as a cabinet Minister in Buhari administration.
Garba Shehu’s defence of Pantami’s posturing as a repented ally or supporter of terrorists, makes the Buhari administration to be more complicit in the survival of the terrorist regime in contemporary time as the administration makes mockery of its earlier grandstanding against any semblance of terrorism in Nigeria.
What is playing out at the presidency with respect to the Pantami terrorism saga leaves much to be desired.  Otherwise, how do we reconcile his penchant to fight terrorists in the Northern part of the country with tax payers’ money on one hand and at the same time, pampering those who were or are intellectual grandmasters aiding and abetting the terror regime in different guises on the other?
The argument that Pantami’s indicting statements in support of terrorists’ agitation anywhere was naively done when he was inexperienced with religious matters, is at best, begging the issue because he was intellectually convinced of his position then and perhaps obviously got into corridors of powers with the aim of perfecting the agenda of Islamizing Nigeria by all means, terrorism inclusive.
Since the news of Pantami’s involvement in terrorism space became a public issue, concerned Nigerians have raised objections to his apology which is more of a mockery on a country still wobbling in the dark trenches dug by him and his likes through their pervasive, satanic and deadly sermonisation.
Pantami’s later day apology with the excuse of immaturity or inexperience  on his part as at the time he aligned with the terrorist philosophy, can be nothing but a dangerous retreat intended to deceive Nigerians to enable him buy more time to lay a stronger foundation in the pursuit of the Fulani agenda. sees Pantami and what he represents as a great threat to our national security irrespective of his so-called monumental achievements in the books of Garba Shehu and Buhari administration.
If the presidency is enthused by the defensive posturing of Garba Shehu as a strategic buy in, let it be said that not only concerned Nigerians are offended by such laughable image laundering but also the anti-terrorist global community who would stop at nothing in critically examining even Pantami’s DNA.
For President Buhari to have appointed Pantami a Minister against security report on  his past activities by the Department of State Services (DSS) was a gross violation that stands the integrity of the President on its head.  
That the DSS report could be ignored by the President who defiantly submitted Pantami’s name for screening and confirmation is a further pointer to the fact that the President should revisit the need to run a pan-Nigeria  agenda devoid of alleged warped Fulani ethnic agenda in some quarters.
If the President and his spokespersons think otherwise, let them stop defending Pantami.  
Let the President for once, allow Nigerians calling for Pantami’s removal have their way. Pantami is a terrorist agent and a threat to national security going by facts of his past. He cannot continue to manage a sensitive government ministry where details of Nigerians are domiciled.  
He should be asked to step aside and prosecuted for identifying with terrorists who are enemies of humanity anywhere in the world.
His continued stay in such sensitive office he occupies definitely will make even honest security lapses suspicious especially in this country now that insecurity is too rampant.

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