The Osun State House of Assembly has passed a bill to regulate animal grazing and the establishments of cattle ranches and other related matters.

The House also passed into law the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Bill 2021.

The Speaker, of the House of Assembly, RT. Hon. Timothy Owoeye, at plenary noted that the bill passed into law would prevent the destruction of farms and crops by open rearing and grazing of livestock.

Owoeye added that the bill would also prevent killings, sexual molestation, protect the environment from degradation and pollution caused by open rearing and grazing of livestock.

He held that no person or group of persons should rear, herd, or graze any livestock in any part of the state except within permitted ranches once the legislation was passed into law.

He said any herdsman or group of herdsman who graze herd or rear cattle or livestock outside permitted ranches after the commencement of this bill would be guilty of an offence.

“Any person or group who contravenes the provisions of subsections (1) and (2) of this section shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to a terms of imprisonment of not less than 3 years without the option of fine as well as forfeiture of the herds of Cattle or livestock under his or her control to the state government.

“A minor is prohibited from grazing, rearing or herding of livestock except under the supervision of an adult.

“A minor who contravenes the provision of Section 3 (4) committed an offence, and the guardian or parent of the minor or owner of the livestock as the case may be, shall be vicariously liable on conviction to a fine of N300,000.00 only.

“Permits shall only be issued to a Nigerian who is authorized to conduct business under the bill of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Preference shall be given in issuance of ranching permits to those within or near a district who are landowners interested in livestock business.

“Any herdsman or pastoralist who attacks or threatens to track any farmer, person or commuter whether or not injury is occasioned by the attack shall be guilty of an offence and liable upon conviction to a term of imprisonment of not less than one year without an option of fines

“Conveyance of livestock on foot from one destination to another in the State is prohibited, except such movement is by rail wagon or truck or pick-up wagon and is within 7:00am, to 6:00pm,” said the speaker .

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