By Charles Nwabardi
It is so clear that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the full scale war that is on now is attributed to Ukraine’s membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). This is not to say that there are no other underlining factors. Russia’s overt reaction to Ukraine membership of NATO was still linked  to the age-long Cold War or quest for supremacy that had long engendered mutual suspicion between the United States Of America (USA) and Russia. We must not quickly forget the sale of Alaska by Russia to the US on March 30, 1867 at a price of $7.2m. Alaska is the only State in the US that has common boundary with Russia. Till today, this remains one of the Russia’s miscalculations because it is not comfortable having America so close.
Frankly, Ukraine was part of Russia during the Socialist Republic era. Then, the present
Russia was known as the Union Of Soviet  Socialist Republics (USSR).
Russia viewed Ukraine’s membership of NATO as an affront and a ploy to bring US influence at its door. Russia, therefore  warned Ukraine of the consequences of such resolution but Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy refused to be tied to the apron strings of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Zelenskyy cannot be blamed because he is the president of his country and must pursue such bilateral relationship that can benefit his people as a Sovereign State.
NATO was created in 1949; few years after the Second World War by the US, Canada and other Western countries to provide collective security against the Soviet Union. It was the first peacetime military alliance the US entered into outside of the Western Hemisphere.
NATO promotes democratic means and enables members to consult and cooperate on defense and security related issues, to solve problems, build trust and in the long run prevent conflicts. NATO members benefit from being able to draw on the military expertise of its members. These include:  Tanks, Submarines, Fighter Jets and so on.
It is by all implications that the war against Ukraine is a war against NATO.This is why member Nations have loudly condemned Russia and are still mobilizing to stifle Russia for invading a member of NATO and a Sovereign State.
In this ongoing war, NATO nations have slammed Russia with choking sanctions. The sanctions cover military. economic and even sports.
Nevertheless, NATO is living up to expectation in its help to Ukraine. It is helping in the delivery of humanitarian and non-lethal aid. Some NATO member countries are sending weapons, amunitions, medical supplies and other military equipment. Spain has already sent 1,370 grenade launchers, 700,000 amunitions and light automatic weapons.
US has also reaffirmed its unwavering support for Ukraine’s Sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Many reasonable people in all the Nations of the world are angry with Putin’s action against Ukraine. Some want NATO to join in the war but NATO is taking its time in order to avoid escalation. NATO  is not undermining the strength of Russia as one of the Super Powers. However, NATO should give every support to Ukraine because a defeat of Ukraine is a defeat of NATO.

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