By Charles Nwabardi


Nigeria is being denuded yet the Federal Government watches with no solution as respite for its citizens. The indifference of the government at the centre towards this cankerworm, insecurity, has frustrated the imagination of every Nigerian that has national ethos in him or her.

Why should the territorial integrity of Nigeria be so undermined that Nigerian security operatives look completely overwhelmed. Their intelligence departments are innate or non existent; timely and rapid response flattened, air-power not making expected impact; combatant force depleted et cetera. It is very obvious that Nigeria is no longer a system with formidable and protected boundaries. This assertion is built on the premise that perceived foreigners have succeeded in intimidating Nigeria, its citizens, its military and other security agencies. This is an aberration and  a misnomer.

Nigerians are being slaughtered as chickens in their aboriginal lands, means of livelihood destroyed callously without challenge or molestation from the security machinery of the rightful owners of the land.

There must be urgent proactive move to salvage the Nigeria’s system as a whole.

Surely, Nigeria as a system needs total overhaul to  make it work well again. All the interactive components of the Nigerian system are no longer working to full capacity. Some need total  replacement while some need servicing.

Nigerians that make up and operate the entire system’s components must be adequately orientated to change their psyche that can ensure good patriotism. When this is adequately achieved, Nigerians that build instead of scattering shall emerge.

Nigerian military and other security departments must be overhauled. The ones not productive and not abreast with the contemporary security requirements should be eased out. The ones that are teachable should be retrained while fresh energetic ones recruited. In all, improved conditions of service with attractive remuneration should be entrenched.

The Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), should be meticulously looked into to build a strong institution in Nigeria. There is still very high level of corruption within the MDAs. They are the people that teach the political class corruption. Strict measures should be taken against corrupt government workers. These had been proferred in the past but no government has taken the bull by the horns to sanitize the system of corruption.

Furthermore, building the Nigerian economy requires good accountability and transparency. It is the ripe time to diversify Nigeria’s economy from a mono-petroleum economy to manufacturing, extractive and possibly inventive.

Provision of basic social amenities, such as electricity, water and housing should be vigorously pursued. Successive governments in Nigeria have failed in this aspect.

The afore-mentioned are some of the requirements that can help to build a good and formidable Nigerian System.

One may ask: What has a working system get to do with securing Nigeria’s territorial integrity? If all the interacting components of Nigeria as mentioned earlier are working effectively for the betterment of Nigeria, challenge like insecurity can be easily nipped in the bud. Enemies of one segment will be enemies of all the entire country. Nigerians will no longer be vulnerable since the national ethos is already in them. They will not join foreign invaders to destroy their own nation. Nigerians will be filled with the spirit of patriotism and ready to protect and die for their country. Let the government play its part well. Nigeria will be better off.

At this time of transition, Nigerians should support individuals that promise strongly to deal with the menace of insecurity. The era of “I’ll give you bore-hole, roads”, is gone. Nigerians should be keen to hear, “I will protect Nigeria and keep it working again”. Let Nigerians forget about political parties and look at the messiah that can rescue Nigeria from drowning completely. Sectional and selfish endorsing of aspirants  should be dismantled at the polls. Funny enough, most of those going about endorsing aspirants do not possess voters cards. Nigerians, arise and rebuild Nigeria and make it safe for Nigerians.

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