Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, declared that  the present generation of South-easterners will not continue in a country created by white man for their own interest.

In a Facebook post, Kanu made the declaration while sharing some images of people reportedly killed in South-East Nigeria by security operatives.

The IPOB leader said his group was now ready to take Biafra by force, since the Nigerian government had refused to conduct a referendum which, according to him, was the easiest route to separation from Nigeria.

He said: “We can never continue in a country created by a white man meant for their own interests which turns us into slaves. Never! Our fathers accepted that but this generation said No.

 “What we ask is very simple. Give us referendum for the people to determine their fate in this Fulani controlled zoo called Nigeria.

“But if referendum which is the easiest way to go about it can’t be assured, then we will take it by force.

“Simply conduct referendum and allow the will of the people to reign.

“The same way we triumph is same way we’ll continue to triumph to any option they present to us going forward.”

Talking about the killing of some IPOB members in Imo and other parts of the South-East, Kanu added, “I hope those half baked graduates yapping on media are taking note of it!.

“What these janjaweeds must understand is that it’s no longer the time we do cry to the world.

“For any Biafran you kill, there must be a payback. We will avenge their deaths with the heads of their killers. Eye for an eye.”

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