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Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has tasked the Federal Government to apply the very principle engaged in Nnamdi Kanu’s case  to Miyeti Allah and all other bandits.

Appearing on Arise TV Morning Show on Thursday, the governor added that government must also ensure that all other terrorist elements in the country who have worsened the security situation in Nigeria are also prosecuted.

He cautioned however, that the Federal Government must align with the rule of law as they prosecute Nnamdi Kanu.

Wike advised that the prosecution of the leader of the proscribed Independent People Of Biafra group (IPOB) should be done to allay fears of easterners such that they don’t see his prosecution as a target on the region.

Wike “It does not matter the difference my state had with Nnamdi Kanu, what we believe is that the rule of law be followed, due process must be followed for his prosecution.

“Also, to allay the fears of Nigerians we are not prosecuting because he is a particular section. There are bandits, you must also make provision to say all these people who have been causing security crisis in Nigeria are also prosecuted.

“Let us not make a hullabaloo about the prosecution of Kanu. I don’t believe in his principles, I have come out and I have said it, you cannot annex my state to be your own but that does not mean that you will not allow the law to take its course.

“The same way you have arrested Nnamdi Kanu should also be the same way all others you have known should face the wrath of the law. You cannot discriminate.

“You can’t say because Nnamdi Kanu is from a particular area, you cannot do this, the same principle must be applied to the bandits, Miyeti Allah and all of them.”

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