… calls on the Service to flush out bad eggs



Popular Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has alleged that bandits in the country got weapons and drugs from some police and army officers.

In an interview on Thursday, Gumi therefore, called on the army and police hierarchy to identify and flush out all the bad eggs.

The kaduna-based cleric also said that some officers aid activities of these criminals by collecting bribe from them.

“I know we have bad elements in the security and I think it’s high time that those found to be taking bribe, aiding banditry by selling weapons should be flushed out of the security system.

“Actually in Zamfara, there are some bad elements in the security but not all of them. A few percentage in our security are using the privilege advantage they have to aide bandits in gun running, drug distributions.

“So, I’m calling on the military and the police to reign in on their men and flush out the bad ones.”

Gumi has made similar claims in the past saying that the Nigerian Army colluded with bandits in their operation.

The Army however denied such claims after Gumi pointed accusing fingers at them.

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