By Charles Nwabardi
Air Sorties conducted on Saturday by Jet Bombers of the Operation Hadarin Daji Air Component have led to the deaths of an undisclosed number of bandits.
Security gathered that the precision airstrikes, which were executed at Dangwandi and Tsakai areas of Isa Local Government Area of Sokoto State, resulted in the elimination of key bandits’ leaders, and their foot soldiers.
The rapid aerial bombardments in parts of Zamfara State destroyed the logistics facilities and properties of the bandits.
Local sources confirmed   that bodies of neutralized bandits were seen all over the camps, just as the bandits’ means of economic sustenance were also not spared.
According to the sources, fleeing bandits were also trailed and neutralized by ground troops.
“Specifically, the locations of bandit kingpins, Bello Guda Turji, and his subordinate commander, Bello Buzu, along with their cohorts operating within Sokoto and some parts of Zamfara State have been struck by the military aircraft,” a military intelligence officer revealed.
“The successes being recorded especially through air strikes by NAF in the Northwest as well as in the North East Theatres of Operation is indicative that new strategies adopted by the Armed Forces of Nigeria are beginning to yield expected results.
“Indeed, despite the loss of a senior military officer and some soldiers recently, it is clear that the military is living up to its promise to rid the north and the nation of all criminal elements and their activities.”  The Source further revealed

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