Diocese of Ogbaru, Anglican Communion, Anambra State, has said the need to restructure Nigeria is now because Nigeria is not working.

The position of the Diocese was contained in Bishop, Rt. Rev. Prosper Amah’s Presidential Addresses for 3rd Session of the 5th Synod, themed, “Soul Winning: The heartbeat of God,” held at St James Anglican Church Iyiowa Odekpe, Ogbaru Local Government Area, Anambra.

According to the address, “Nigeria is the last official federation bequeathed by the United Kingdom, the British as an imperial power that is still one country, and the way things are currently going, Nigeria may not survive rejection of constitutional restructuring to cure its inherent ills.

“The most likely scenario is its being plunged into violence that may not be successfully repressed or suppressed by military operations, such as Operation Python Dance, Lafia Dole, Crocodile Smile and Save Heaven. Restructuring is therefore, necessary and inevitable now in Nigeria.

“Various forms of injustice are going on in Nigeria, particularly under the present administration, however the only way out of the present predicament in Nigeria, that will guarantee rapid development, robust economy, reduce corruption, guarantee good and quality education and unparalleled security is divine intervention and restructuring.

“For some, restructuring means the creation of additional states, particularly in South East. For others, it is about moving certain items from the exclusive legislation list to concurrent list. For some, it means community/state policing.

“For few, it means fiscal federalism, which involves resource control. For others, it is about devotion of power and local government and judiciary autonomy. However, the need to restructure Nigeria is now because Nigeria is not working”.

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