By Charles Nwabardi
Incessant attacks by masked gunmen have forced residents of Orsumoghu in Ihiala council of Anambra State to flee into the bushes.
It was said that the masked attackers came in the night, shooting and forcibly taking young men away.
It was unclear who the masked gunmen were or who they worked for.
Some of the residents, who spoke with Security yesterday, said the attackers left a note in some homes where they did not see anyone, saying they would visit again.
The latest of such attacks, according to the residents, happened at the weekend, at about 2.15am.
A resident, simply identified as Mercy told  our Correspondent that the gunmen moved from house to house, shooting intermittently.
They were picking every young man they came across. They shot one person dead.
“We don’t know the whereabouts or number of those they took away.
They  left a note that they would be back again in three days’ time and because of this, our people, especially the men, who don’t have anywhere to run to, have been forced to be sleeping in the bushes at night in order not to be caught unawares,” Okalawa said.

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