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The 44-year-old Nigerian biker Kunle Adeyanju is traveling to Everest, Israel and Tibet by road from Lagos with a new bike. 

Adeyanju, in an interview with Arise TV on Tuesday, stated that he plans to after his daring last adventure when he departed London on April 19 and arrived in Lagos after 41 days of travelling more than 13,000 kilometres across 13 countries and 42 cities. 

He revealed that his next trip will be from Lagos to Israel and then the autonomous Chinese region of Tibet with a new bike. 

He said, “I’m going to buy another bike and do another adventure. My next adventure is going to be riding from Lagos to Israel, just passing through Israel [and] then to Tibet. 

“Then, I want to ride on a Tibetan plane because that is the highest plateau you have in the world. They say God lives in Tibet because of the highest purity. I want to experience that purity. 

The Kwara State indigene had previously stated that he would auction the bike he used for his Lagos to London trip, which he named Eagle, and donate part of the proceeds to raise funds for the eradication of the poliovirus, which was the aim of his trip. 

He added that he would be visiting the base camp of Mount Everest and attempting to climb it. 

“My destination is Everest. I’m going to drop my bike at Everest base camp and try to climb Everest. That’s what I’m going to do with myself in the next two years,” Adeyanju added. 

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