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The establishment of Local Government Police is the only panacea to the problem of insecurity in the country.

Speaking through the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE),General Secretary,  Comrade C. Aguonye, the President, Comrade Olatunji Ambali,  opined that that the prevailing circumstances necessitates the establishment of LG Police instead of the highly agitated State Police as the criminals hide-outs are in the Local Government Areas of the country.

NULGE position was made known at the House of Representatives, NASS, Sub-committee on Constitutional Review held at Delta State Event Centre, Okpanam Road, Asaba, Delta State.

The leadership also argued that the initiative will avail the youths at the rural areas employment opportunities.

NULGE’s sees Community Policing as the prevention of crime, terrorism and targeted violence by identifying challenges, issues and concerns that emerged at the neighborhood through intelligent or information gathering in partnership with security agencies; taken cognizance the importance of best human relations, strategies and trust amongst the citizens, or community people.

The group said: “This our stand on establishment of anti-corruption unit in the LG Councils, 35% Revenue Allocation for LG Council, Local Government creation, abolition joint account with State Governments, Ministry of Women Affairs and Works to be ceded to the Local Government should be reviewed.

“Also that our submission, if implemented will engender grassroots development, economic emancipation, political advancement, security and peace of our dear nation. Most importantly, we also advocate for the establishment of Local Government Police.

“It is the submission of NULGE that Local Government Police should be established. Statistical survey reveals that over 75.1% of the population of Nigeria resides in Local Government and it is the Local Government that is the epicenter of Nigeria’s security challenges.

“Local Government Police Service Board should be established to oversee the recruitment, training, promotion, discipline and retirement of members of the Local Government Police while a unit in the Local Government should be saddled with providing technical and other administrative services.”

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