By Charles Nwabardi.

It is an understatement to say that insecurity is seriously  corroding the falcrum on which Nigeria rests. Concerned Nigerians are having sleepless nights while some are docile about the cankerworm.


 Although, its incidence as it partains to political, economic and social spheres is biting harder, that is the reason why it has become an issue of discourse on newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television, Social Media and even in clusters of small or larger groups.


It is disheartening that many Nigerians including governments are still living in the illusion that only government security operatives can tackle insecurity in Nigeria. This thinking or obsession has eaten so deep into the psyche of Nigerians that looking elsewhere in solving our security problems have run into a deep  ditch.

What is the stumbling block that has posed a serious obstacle to solving Nigeria’s security challenges? Is the public or government security operatives on top of the situation? If not, can Nigeria try to harness the rich experience of private organizations in research, training, retraining of government security personnel and making recommendations when and where necessary. 

In civilized countries of the world like the United States of America, private security companies complements government security forces. In other words there is synergy.

Gone are the days when fighting insecurity is only with guns and batons. The bulk of the successes in busting crimes lie on research and sofisticated information sharing especially in this era of developed INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY(ICT) which has also made it easy for people in crime to network.

Information sharing can fuel the fire of insecurity while it can go a long way to extinguish  such wild fire. From most unraveled crimes so far in history all over the globe, the INSIDER’S information sharing has made most high level or high profile crime successful or unsuccessful. This touches on intelligence gathering. Can there be a successful robbery without an insider? Can a sleepy and innocent rustic settlement be attacked without an insider? Kidnapping, high profile murder and armed banditry can also not be jettisoned in this aspect.

The private security companies can assist the Nigerian insecurity quagmire. They could assist in research because most of their staffers and Chief Executive Officers were retired high ranking officers that have gathered lots of experience as government and private security operatives. Some of them are also expert s in the field of security management that understand the essence of research and training.

They can also assist the government in strategic guidance, projects and consultancy, crime detector telephone connectivity and security and compliance.

Other aspects could also be on vulnerability management, continuous monitoring and mobile device management. It will be encouraging and of great advantage to engage private security companies as their wealth of experience can be of great help to government security operatives. Let there be a paradigm shift from over dependence on public security apparatus as synergy with private security companies can help yield better results.

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