In the last 7days, a total of 31 home invasion and 9 kidnap cases have been reported by the Nigeria Police Force.  
The mode of kidnap is increasingly tending to express kidnap where persons are abducted and within a few hours accounts are emptied and all other valuables removed before an individual is released.  
Mostly affected are areas including Mushin, Apapa, Ijaye, Lekki, Ikorodu, Agege, Victoria Island etc.
You are advised to ensure we keep and remain vigilant of happenings around us. 
A few tips are outlined below to help secure ourselves better both at our homes and out there on the streets.
1. Avoid early morning or late evening lone walks or runs for now, you may want to work-out more indoors.
2. When traveling in the car (driving or being driving), remain conscious of other motorist and ensure you are not being followed or tailed.
3. Keep windows rolled up and doors locked at all times.
4. Avoid rolling down your window in traffic or at traffic lights. Do not patronize street hawkers or alms solicitors at such areas.
5. Keep all valuables (including empty bags/carriers, cash) away from the naked eye (whether you are in the vehicle or not).
6. When in traffic, do not use your mobile phone, lap top, tablet etc.
7. Only travel on main and known roads, avoid unfamiliar short cuts or side roads.
8. If with a driver and wherever possible, allow for the vehicle to come to you as you step out of the venue, you must speak with and confirm your driver is the one behind the steering.
9. Avoid late evening/night outings. Plan to be home before 2100hrs.
10. If you must use a taxi (Uber, Taxify), ensure to share your ride/travel details with a friend or family member.
11. Ensure all visits to your home are controlled and only expected visitors are allowed in (including your next door neighbour).
12. Should the domestic staff need to go out, ensure they communicate and inform of their arrival at least 2 minutes away from home.
13. Engage a security guard for your home. Criminals would mostly engage easy targets for penetration. 
14. Fortify your doors with the appropriate door locks. Two or three key turn system is advised.
15. Remain safe and do reach out whenever the need arises.

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