Family members of victims of the bombed Kaduna bound train on March 28 are demanding the release of abducted  persons still in custody of the terrorists.

Wearing forlorn looks, the families besieged  the National Human Rights Commission Headquarters, Maitama, Abuja, demanding immediate release of the 141 persons still in custody of the terrorists.

As a way of putting the federal government on its toes to facilitate the rescue of the abductees, an hashtag, #SaveAK9Trainpaseengers has been created, with Nigerians urged to make posts on sundry social media platforms.

A manifest released by the Nigerian Railway Corporation had revealed that a total of 362 passengers boarded the ill-fated train out of which nine persons were killed by the gunmen. 186 have been treated and are back home while the whereabouts of others is still unknown.

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