Sani Jalingo, the leader of the terrorist gang who kidnapped  22 students of Greenfield University,  Kaduna, has threatened to kill the remaining students in their custody today

The terrorist gang leader issued the threat this  while speaking with the Hausa Service of the Voice of America adding that the remaining students will be killed if the Kaduna State Government or the students’ family fail to pay the money demanded by Tuesday.

He confirmed that 17 of the abducted students, including 15 females and two males are in their custody – after five of the students were killed.

He insisted that if the money (N100m) and the items (motorcycles) demanded were not provided on Tuesday, trucks would be used to evacuate the lifeless bodies of the remaining students.

Jalingo also confirmed that the families of the remaining students had so far paid N55 million to them.

Recall that at 8:15 pm local time on 20 April 2021, 22 students including a staff were abducted from the privately-owned university located along the Kaduna-Abuja highway in Chikun LGA.

The Greenfield University kidnapping is Nigeria’s fourth kidnapping from an academic institution in 2021, and the fifth since December 2020, coming five weeks and six days after the Afaka kidnapping, in which 39 students were abducted.

Following the kidnap of the students and a staff of the school, the bandits had made contact with the parents and demanded N800 million but now demand N100 million and ten motorcycles as ransom for the release of the students.

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