Job Title: Marketing / Special Projects Officer

Job Purpose:

i. Responsible for all marketing strategies, sourcing and planning special projects and activities to generate income.
ii. Oversees the marketing department and provides direction and feedback to management on major projects.
iii. Makes key recommendations to guide management on achieving revenue targets.

Job Duties:
i. Research and analyse market trends, competitor offerings, demographics, and other information that affects marketing strategies

ii. Uses research findings and analysis to provide direction to management regarding upcoming marketing projects, new products or services, and adjusts overall strategy as needed.

iii. Identify areas for improvement in service offerings, sales tactics, marketing strategy, and promotional activities

iv. Plan departmental budget, ensuring all marketing activities are cost-effective

Marketing/Special Projects Officer Skills and Qualifications:

Candidates with one or more of the following may apply.

i. HND/BA/BSc or Advanced Degree in Marketing, Business, or a Related Field;
ii. Extensive Marketing Experience, Understanding of Business Practices, Budgeting, Financial Knowledge;
iii. In-Depth Research and Analysis, Computer Proficiency, Interpersonal Communication;
iv. Client Relationships, Managerial Skills, Multi-Tasking;
v.  Writing, Creativity, Innovativeness, Leadership;
vi. Big-Picture Thinking.

Qualified candidates should send their applications within 2 weeks of this publication to:

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