Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is to commence the enforcement of the ban on open grazing  in the Southeast zone with effect from April 27.

The IPOB image maker, Emma Powerful, Monday in a statement warned,  “from April 27, 2022, we shall commence the enforcement of the ban on open grazing which has since been pronounced by South East Governors and passed into law by many States in Biafran land but the Nigeria security agencies have failed to enforce them.”

“Thus, from the said date, no cows should be seen roaming the streets of Biafraland. From April 27, 2022, anybody interested in cow business anywhere in Biafra land, must have a ranch, and properly mark the cows.

“Cows seen outside ranches with effect from this date shall be treated as contraband products. Owners of such cows should blame themselves”.

He went further to add that, “owners of cows and ranches should properly mark them with their ranch name or symbol for easy identification”.

“The above measures have become necessary to stop the senseless and wanton killings in our land by Fulani jihadists masquerading as herdsmen. We want to stop the incessant invasion of our communities and raping of our mothers and sisters by Fulani herdsmen. Enough is enough!

“Our action is not targeted against any tribe. We are only taking this measure as a necessity for self preservation”.

“Igbo people alone in Biafraland spent more than N3 trillion

Naira every year on cows. We, therefore, want to stop using our money to finance the genocidal attacks on our people by Fulani herdsmen. Let them keep their cows that we may have our lives”.

“We want our people to breed native cows in our land and also put them in a ranch. We won’t tolerate the wandering of cattle again in our land, he warned

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