The statement a few days ago credited to the Publicity Secretary of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPoB) Mr. Emma Powerful warning those forcing people to sit-at-home on Mondays in the name of IPoB many days after the leadership of the group had repudiated its earlier sit-at-home order came as a relief to those with discerning spirit.
In the statement, the IPoB leadership was able to clarify its stand to the people of South-East whose businesses were being ruined by the sit-at-home in the last four or five weeks after the repudiation of it’s earlier order.
The group expressed displeasure with the attitude of those who continued to illegally act in its name at a time the IPoB leadership was in sympathy with the masses whose businesses were being ruined on Mondays due  to the sit-at-home order.
As at last week, no less than N50billion was reported to have been lost in businesses during the sit at home on Mondays. This, the IPoB leadership may have considered as a huge economic retrogression that seriously prompted its order warning the infiltrators or impostors to desist from their ignoble activities.
SECURITY sees the warning from the IPoB leadership as timely  for one or two reasons.  First, the attempt by faceless enforcers of sit-at-home at a time the IPoB leadership had withdrawn its earliest order was in a way creating a parallel leadership that leaves the average South East resident in confusion as to who to obey.
The second reason for the timeliness of the last week’s order is the fact many heinous things have begun to occur in the name of IPoB. There have been incidents of attack and killing of persons in the name of the group.
One of such incidents was the killing last week of a traditional ruler who reportedly joined Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma in receiving President Buhari to Imo State last Tuesday.  The traditional ruler was said to have been killed by people suspected to be illegally acting on behalf of IPoB.
We are therefore strongly of the opinion that this is the time for IPoB leadership to put its house in order, by identifying the infiltrators into the group’s system or outside of it with agenda that is at variance with IPoB’s intentions.

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