As every part of Nigeria has become dangerous to access from one state or the other due to the prevalence of kidnappers, killer herdsmen, bandits, terrorists and so on, the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) has found it necessary to put across this guide for those travelling within Nigeria in contemporary time.
·        *Avoid going to any of the North East or North West of Nigeria no matter how important your assignment*. 
The North Central is not safe.
Avoid Kaduna by all means possible. Your best choice is to travel by air to any of the core-Northern states if you insist you must travel.
*While travelling in the SW, beware of armed kidnappers and murderers.*
They target evening and night for their operations. 
They are most active on weekends especially at dawn, evenings or nights on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
*Never travel with your family. If you must travel, don’t go with your wife and children*. 
Family in a car is usually prime targets, knowing resistance will be minimal.
*If you must travel, wear smart dresses with canvass*. 
The opportunity may come for you to run.
 *Always keep a dummy phone at hand while your real phone should be left in silence in your car*.
Delete all bank details in your phone.
*Arm yourself, it may be helpful*. 
You can buy dagger, multiple defense tools, gas cannon, sharp-multidrive tools and pepper spray.
Never use them unless you have a unique opportunity to attack your captors. 
Your attack must be to either escape or to kill your captors if possible whenever you have the chance.
*They usually divide into two camps*. 
One camp stops you in the front, the second camp waits for you to reverse before attacking from the back. If you have a heavy car that can knock and kill those at the front, please do.
*Train yourself on the use of weapons in self-defense*. 
You may find yourself in a position to use AK-47 abandoned in a hurry by kidnappers or left carelessly where you are kept in the bush.
*They usually explore bad portions of the road, drive as fast as possible through such portions*. 
Be swift and decisive on the road. 
Do not use your phone while driving. It will distract you from concentration and keen observation.
*Fill your tank from the point of departure*. 
Don’t travel alone.
*If you are ever abducted, stay calm and cooperate but be keen to maximize any opportunity*.
*If you are sure of escaping into the bush without your car, leave the car doors open and the ignition key on*. 
This will distract the kidnappers and attract passersby.
*The troubled spots at Yoruba land are: Ogere, 
Gbongan Junction, 
Igboho-Shaki way, 
Ikere-Ado road, 
Ife-Ibadan highway, 
Oyo-Ogbomosho  highway, Warri-Benin highway, 
Ikole-Omuo-Lokoja highway; Ilorin-Egbe highway; 
Jebba-Bode Saadu way; 
Ilesa-Itaore way; 
Ogotun-Arakeji-Ado way.
*If you have the chance, drive close to a lorry or trailer on the highway*.
*Put on the local radio while travelling not listening to music*. 
An important information relevant to kidnappers on the highway may filter to you.
*Whenever you see herd of cows, be suspicious, keep a distance and look for a safe, swift drive through.*

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