Former Senate President David Mark has noted that recent setbacks in curbing insecurity has called for the need for other stakeholders to input ideas on how the menace can be solved.

“The present administration needs to open doors for fresh ideas as is not the exclusive preserve of government to find solutions to our challenges. It is not about political party, religious or ethnic affiliations but about the survival of our nation.”

In a statement by his Media Adviser, Paul Mumeh, Mark enjoined Nigerians to reflect and review the tortuous journey to nationhood with a view to reversing faulty steps in order to achieve a prosperous, secured and guaranteed future.

“It’s a disservice to humanity to pay lip service to the challenges or pretend that all is well when the socio economic and political life of the nation is almost in comatose.”

“Every right thinking member of the society should be worried about the state of the nation and twist of events in the reverse order. We need to pause and ponder about the state of the nation and find solution going forward.”

“Those in positions of authority should be honest enough to admit that things are wrong and be prepared to lead the way towards finding solutions. I believe we can fix Nigeria again if we resolve to work together in an atmosphere of honesty and mutual respect for one another.”

While praying for peace , reconciliation and forgiveness in the spirit of Easter, he urged religious leaders across the divide to always preach the message of peace, hope and harmonious relationship between and among adherents.

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