A security expert, Col. Yomi Dare (rtd) said that there was no one fix-it-all solution to solving our insecurity issues.

Dare, who is also the Chief Executive Officer, International Masters Security System, stated this on Sunday in Lagos.

The security expert therefore, listed series of measures that can be taken by President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government to tackle growing security challenges in the country.

He advocated that the Federal Government should seek the aid of the international community in tackling the nation’s security challenges as part of the measures.

According to him, introducing global initiative into the context by getting the international community’s aid would help to stabilise the situation and end insurgency.

“We have a serious security situation on our hands and what we have been advocating is that security is everybody’s business, both the government and the citizens.

“We all have our roles to play and we all need to do everything that is possible to ensure that the security situation in our country is improved and better than what we are experiencing right now.

“Getting the help of the international community will go a long way at tackling our security issues,” he said.

“They should provide the necessary funds, necessary equipment and necessary personnel to fight insecurity and at the same time, ensure a lot of awareness.

“This can be done by deploying technology such as putting CCTV cameras to give an accountable record of situations as they happen in real time and the use of drones for aerial monitoring,” he said.

Dare said that the government should try to gather intelligence on villages around railway lines so that information can easily be disseminated when terrorists come around.

“I’m a strong advocate of community policing because I believe that people securing us should come from within and since they have a better knowledge of the terrain.

“By so doing, we will have accurate information of what to do at any given point in time,” Dare said.

Dare said that people should endeavour to ‘say something, when they see something’ noting that security was indeed, everybody’s business.

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