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Lagos Catholic Archbishop, Alfred Adewale Martins, has identified insecurity as the major problem confronting the nation today, adding that the church is not even safe. 

Martins made the identification in Lagos State at the grand finale of the 60th-anniversary celebration of a catholic group, the Knight of Saint Mulumba.

“Insecurity is the major problem we have in Nigeria today, even the church is not safe. The government is supposed to have access to experts who will bring in their expertise to solve the problem but that is not so. 

“When you hear the kind of complaints and dissatisfaction from the military and different sides you will know that there is inadequate sincerity by the government. There are inadequate arms supplied to the security.

“One of the things about Nigerian politicians is inconsistency in goals and principles. When Gani Kayode was criticizing Buhari it was not based on principles if not he would not join or switch to APC. 

“It is not surprising that we are where we are today because we have people like him who are inconsistent,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Lagos Metropolitan Grand Knight KSM, William Adebisi, asked the government to take the matter of security seriously.

“The government needs to take the matter seriously as it affects the health and economy of the company and behavioural change of the inmates,” he stated.

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