By Charles Nwabardi 
Former Special Adviser on Youths and Students Affairs to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Comrade Jude Imagwe, has decried the increasing state of insecurity and violence in Nigeria as a result of frequent attacks by kidnappers, terrorists, bandits and killer herdsmen despite President Muhammadu Buhari’s continued assurance to put a stop to the cankerworms. 
The former presidential aide called on Buhari and Minister of Information, Lai Muhammed to be mindful of the devastating effects of insecurity in all sectors in Nigeria especially politically and economically.
Imagwe, a former NANS President, in his statement on Thursday, said,
“Silence is truly better than reckless and hate speech”.
According to the Statement, President Buhari has continued to demonstrate how he prefers to handle and manage the Nigerian state from a self-driving perspective and high level of sectionalism.
“In the last six (6) months, Nigerians have been appealing to Mr. President to address her citizens on the country’s present state of security breakdown as the situation grows daily from bad to worse. 
“Today, the situation is messy. Students are kidnapped from schools in numbers like a trader going to the market to buy tubers of yam.  Our farmers and travelers seized, mothers and sisters raped in farms,fathers killed, and security personnel ambushed and murdered in the course of their duty, national infrastructure destroyed daily,” Imagwe said.
The former aide laments,”The nation was expecting a father to speak to its citizens and they were expecting words of unity. They were hoping for an expression of national reactivation. But most very painful, what the nation got was a reminder of the war, a reminder of the pains and sorrows of yesterday, and a call to crisis and an expression that shows a total lack of emotional intelligence or empathy”.
“I concur that Twitter played a double standard posture in this very issue. Otherwise, I see no reason why Twitter did not outrightly suspend General Buhari’s account but only deleted the tweet, which in itself is racial, full of hate, and capable of creating civil unrest”, Imagwe submitted.
“If Twitter could suspend President Trump’s account, the statement from President Buhari is even worse, judging on the present state of the nation’s mood.
“I am to remind President Buhari again that Nigerians elected him and will always demand accountability from him and not his appointees. He should also be aware that his first enemies are those around him that are saddled with the responsibility to assist his administration Succeed”.
“I will want the Honorable Minister of Information to help Nigerians define what forms hate speech and if General Buhari is not guilty of hate speech” Imagwe questioned.
In his statement, Imagwe prayed for Nigeria: “May God continue to preserve Nigeria, and I appeal to all stakeholders to rise and save Nigeria from collapsing.”

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