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Abiodun OBA


The sacked chief imam of the Apo legislative quarters Juma’at mosque, Nuru Khalid, said that he paid the price for “aligning with the people and identifying with their sufferings”.

The Islamic cleric was dismissed from the Apo Mosque on Monday because, according to the mosque committee, he had shown no “remorse” despite his suspension.

The committee said his reaction did not show any form of regret following his sermon.

“Unfortunately, your media reaction to the suspension creates the impression that you are not remorseful,” the letter read in part.

Reacting to his dismissal later on Monday, Khalid said that he will be leading a new “congregation this Friday” in a “Jum’mat mosque we built behind the CBN Quarters, in Abuja”.

“My sack is a reflection of how Nigeria is today. Many people are hiding under the cover of religion to perpetrate all manner unwholesome acts,” he was quoted to have said.

“Such people would stop at nothing to take away people like me, who are pro-masses and bold enough to speak the truth to power always on behalf of voiceless Nigerians.

“This is the price we pay for aligning with the people and identifying with their sufferings.

“By the Grace of Almighty Allah, I will be leading my new congregation this Friday, because as clerics we need a platform to operate.

“There’s a Jum’mat mosque we built behind the CBN Quarters, in Abuja; I will now be leading the congregation there.”

Nuru Khalid got a new appointment just hours after his dismissal over anti-government sermon.

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