By Nkasi Kolie

Embattled 21-year-old student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Chidinma Ojukwu, has recanted an earlier statement that she killed Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga, in a Lagos apartment.

Chidinma, who was arrested and paraded by the Lagos police, had last month confessed to stabbing Ataga “twice on the neck side” over alleged attempt to have sex with her against her wish.

“I threw the knife to the bed and he was going for it, but I also went for it. He dragged the knife with me and it broke and he fell on the floor,” she had said.

However, in an interview with Crime Fighters, the video which has gone viral in the country, Chidinma said her admittance of stabbing Ataga to the police was borne out of pressure, alleging that a third party must have masterminded the killing after she left the room to get food and drugs.

“I don’t know who must have come into the apartment. Definitely, somebody did that, but I don’t know who that person is. I don’t know what happened when I left the room to buy food. Because of what I did after, by not alerting the police and, also, withdrawing money from his account, I feel guilty for what happened, but I did not kill him.

“I believe someone knew where we were and waited till I left before they entered. Due to pressure and insistence of the security operatives that nobody entered the room apart from the two, I resolved that since no one believed me, let me just take the blame. No one is influencing my statements. I have not spoken to anyone since my arrest, not even my relation or anybody close to me,” she said.

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