By Frank Oshanugor

Widow of the late Flt. Lt. Alfred Olufade, Pilot of the ill-fated military plane which crashed last Friday in Kaduna said her husband had dreamt of the crash less than 48 hours before it occurred.

In emotion laden tribute posted on Instablog, Mrs. Olufade who fondly referred to her late husband as Sparkle said, “On 20th May at about 4am, you woke me up with fear and said baby, baby I had a bad dream. I dreamt that I crashed on my way to Kaduna.  You said it looked real, very real. I prayed for you seriously that morning asked you not to worry. I asked you your mission order and who you were flying with, you told me Flt. Lt. Asaniyi. I said don’t worry, you will go and come back.”

She disclosed that the pilot husband eventually set out to work and had made trip to Owerri,  Enugu and back to Abuja after which they spoke on video call smiling heartily without the slightest suspicion that such would be their last good time.

During their conversation, the husband had told her to prepare pounded yam and egusi hoping to have meal jointly with her on his return.

Few minutes later, she was surprised to get another message from her husband that he had been assigned to fly the Chief of Army Staff and other officers to Kaduna.

It was then, the dream of crash the husband had, the previous night flashed back to her and she became quite disturbed and restless. She panicked, trying to reach him not to embark on the trip but it was just a matter of few hours when news of the crash rent the air, thereby shattering her peace.

She poured her heart in the tribute wondering how she would live without the husband who had shown her unquantifiable love in the three months they had lived as husband and wife after their wedding.

Flt. Lt Alfred Olufade who hailed from Kogi State had died along with the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and other military personnel among whom were four Generals and other ranks when the plane at Kaduna airport while attempting to land crashed.  Bad weather was said to have caused the crash, though investigations by military and aviation authorities are expected to reveal the actual cause of the crash.

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