In view of the recent gas explosions, It is advisable  to we take note of our gas cylinder expiry dates.
Expired cylinder can explode any time once the expiration date elapses and that makes it a time bomb. 
Each gas cylinder’s expiry date is coded on the side of the cylinder in alphabetical order A,B,C,D in quarters.
i. A is for March, 1st Qtr
ii. B is for June,  2nd Qtr
iii. C is for Sept,  3rd Qtr
iv. D is for Dec,  4th Qtr
There are some two digit numbers that follow. 
Example: D06. So, if you have D06 on your cylinder, it means that it has expired Dec 2006.  If it is A22, it is going to expire in March 2022 etc.
You can save a life today by sharing this vital information.
Rush and check yours. 
Safety first and always.

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