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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has declared that the five South East governors and the few self-appointed Igbo elites, are too infinitesimal to speak for millions of Biafrans.

The Media and Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful, in a statement, said, ‘We want to unequivocally declare again, that the five South East governors and the few self-appointed Igbo elites, are too infinitesimal to speak for the millions of Biafrans who are tired of being held hostage in this contraption called Nigeria”.

IPOB was responding to the recent remarks by the South East governors purportedly disavowing the separatist group.

Describing the governors as being frustrated,Powerful noted, that their comments did not come to them as a surprise because according to him ‘they were the same people to proscribe us before the federal government and tagged us terrorists.

‘The purported statement by these shameless political generals without foot soldiers has only further exposed them as Caliphate boot-leakers. They know too well that they have since lost grip and control of the masses, hence, their desperation to regain the trust of their paymasters. The only publicly disowned IPOB thinking that doing so will make them regain the trust and favour of the Caliphate.

‘The governors, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the handful traitors masquerading as the Igbo political elite should wake up to the realities that they have since lost the confidence of the people. We understand the worry of these Efulefus: They are rattled by the unflinching support and loyalty of the masses to IPOB.’

‘So the South East self-acclaimed Leaders are quick to disown IPOB and ESN, yet they are calling us to accept the calls for peaceful negotiations? What hypocrisy.

‘How can South East governors be so desperate for power beyond 2023 that they can sacrifice anything and anybody for personal gains? In case they don’t know, even the northerners they are trying to impress understand the handwriting on the wall.

‘They know that the governors are on their own. They can’t decide for the over 70 million Biafrans home and abroad.

‘They don’t even command the loyalty of all their appointees let alone the egalitarian Igbo nation that never gave them the stollen mandate they parade.

‘Anybody listening to these traitors does so to his peril. There is no negotiation on the people’s resolve to restore Biafra where human dignity will be respected,’ Powerful stated.

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