An improvised device has exploded in northeast Mali, killing a United Nations peacekeeper and injured three others.

El-Ghassim Wane, the head of the UN mission, announced Saturday on his Twitter account that it was a MINUSMA vehicle that hit an improvised explosive device near Tessalit of Kidal region.

“The death toll is one and three serious injuries… This reminds us of the ongoing danger to our peacekeepers and the sacrifices made for peace in Mali,’’ Wane tweeted.

In recent weeks, the UN mission has been the target of several attacks in northern Mali.

On Sept. 11, three MINUSMA peacekeepers were injured by an explosive device near its camp in Kidal.

Since 2012, Mali has been facing a profound multifaceted crisis at the security, political and economic levels.

The separatist insurgencies, then the jihadist incursions as well as the inter-communal violence left thousands of people dead and hundreds of thousands of others displaced.

These are happening despite the presence of the UN, African and European forces.

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