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The Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Ebonyi State, Barr. Orji Uchenna Orji has reiterated in Abakaliki that the emergence of a Governor has never been done through any form of political appointment but by-election.

Orji therefore, expressed the hope that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC would do the needful by ensuring that their decision on the Federal High Court ruling that sacked Governor David Umahi and his Deputy, Dr. Kelechi Igwe, do not destiblize the existing peace and political arrangement in the State.

“So, we have absolute hope that INEC will do the needful, that is to tell the whole world that these political and legal gimmicks cannot prevail until they have the judgment of the final court on the matter. They will also tell you that as far as the Governor has appealed the Federal High court ruling on time, the stay of execution is already a done deal and we can’t expect less.

“And because INEC is made up of very renowned statesmen, some of whom are lawyers, men who know what the law is.

“Even without being lawyers, I want to assure to you that in common sense, no institution, whether judiciary, whether INEC, whether any government, is meant to do anything that will tamper with the peace of any state, or with the security of any state or country, or with the safety of any state or country or with the welfare of the people.

“That is why before a President is removed, it must be because of a very serious condemnable reason, otherwise tampering with such a high office will amount to bringing about insecurity, bringing about violence, and that is why the court is always mindful in this type of case.

“Let me tell you, the Governor represents the state, so you cannot because of emotions, because of sentiments, for the fact that you had a quarrel with your wife, perhaps as a judge, you come back and give a judgment that will throw the entire state into a big problem.

The Commissioner warned that the “appointment’ of Hon. Idu Igariwey as Governor of the State would not only create confusion in the political structure and arrangement of the State but also make it dicey as to who becomes the next Governor of the State.

“What is even the judgment of this Federal high court? A judgment that is saying that INEC is giving within 90 days to swear in a new Governor; that the PDP should go and nominate some persons for INEC to swear in; that INEC should do election and all of that.

“The question is, is a Governor appointed? A Governor can never be appointed. In all the cases where judgment has been given to a person to become Governor or the other, there must be someone that has contested election; one who has passed through screening from INEC.

He noted that the people of the State would not fold their arms and allow enemies to destabilize the peace and progress existing in the State as the people were standing solidly behind Governor David Umahi, against all odds.

“Governor is so big in a state; after God, it’s the Governor and we have to be careful about that. When God gave that mandate, you cannot take it by any excuse. Again, come to think of it, this idea of appointing a Governor in the name of Iduma Igariwey, is to tamper with the political arrangement; creating confusion in the entire state about who becomes Governor after him.

“The court did not say that they were going to complete the tenure of the PDP candidate that defected to APC; the court did not say so, and that means he (Igariwey) can decide to be there (on the seat) and come back for another 4 years and now seek for reelection for another 4 years. That will be a total of almost 10 years.

“That is going to spell doom for the State and that is why everybody is saying that for the fact that our Governor has done fantastically well, that they, People of the State will stand by him and they will chase away any enemy or devil that have come to destabilize the peace we already have in Ebonyi State.”

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