Last Wednesday’s broadcast by Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo in which he gave a six-point  decisions with respect to fighting the unknown gunmen regime in the State came as an indication of his administration’s audacious tendency towards putting a halt to the criminal madness in Anambra.

It is a welcome development that the Governor who since he assumed office in March, 2022 has repeatedly told criminal elements particularly the faceless unknown gunmen to drop their weapons and embrace peace could go some steps ahead to walk his talk.

The unwarranted killings in Anambra particularly the most recent incidents of gruesome murder of a military couple going for their marriage, the beheading of a lawmaker; Hon. Okechukwu Nwoye and the  barbaric slaughter of a mother and her four children were enough to warrant the tough measures Governor Soludo’s administration has chosen to take to stem the tide of extra-judicial killings in the state.

We are surely encouraged by the Governor’s step as the brazen display of such beastly tendencies that leave blood everywhere can only be halted by an equally audacious determination to confront the monsters headlong.

Now that Soludo’s administration has identified certain steps to be taken with a view to checkmating the murderous trend, we hasten to say that such steps can only work and achieve the desired objectives if people are ready to cooperate fully with government.

For instance, there are some of the decisions that need full collaboration of the populace with government in other to achieve the government’s objective.  Talking about the ban on motor cycles, tricycles from plying the routes within certain periods will need the full cooperation of operatives among whom are those who would flagrantly want to breach the ban and possibly resort to sorting out the law enforcement agents with some mouth watering cash gratifications.

Moreso, there is the tendency for some landlords to downplay the rule on profiling their tenants appropriately with a view to knowing who they are. Some landlords would likely not be serious in properly profiling their tenants to know who are gun runners, kidnappers, arm robbers in so far as their rents are paid.

Even the installation of CCTV camera in all filling stations as stipulated by the Governor, may generate a momentary compliance that will fizzle out soonest like in such other cases.

It is therefore in this light, SECURITY has chosen to harp on the need for concerted implementation of the six-point decisions towards bringing back peace to Anambra State.

Residents of the state must do well to support the State Government succeed in bringing back sanity to the State.


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