Thursday March 17, 2022 has gone down in the history of Anambra State as a day that would not be forgotten in a hurry as the embarrassment that attended the exit of former Governor Willie Obiano from the seat of power, as a result of the fracas that ensued between his wife Ebelechukwu and Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu was hugely glaring.

It was a day the former First lady of Anambra State took what could be described as her unstately behavior to the public space as she chose the occasion which ought to be her husband’s glorious day, to engage Mrs. Ojukwu in unholy fracas.

It was a day her husband was handing over the reins of power as Governor to Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo after eight years on throne as Governor of Anambra State. By all standards, it certainly ought to be a day of glory for the Obianos, but Ebelechukwu did not quite key in.

From the account of  witnesses and  personal narrative of her victim, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu; a former Nigerian Ambassador to Spain and wife of the late Ikemba Nnewi, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, it was obvious that Mrs. Obiano had set out to cause public disorder by deliberately walking up to Mrs. Ojukwu and frontally attacking her with uncomplimentary and provoking words while the ceremony was still in progress.

It was obviously the arrant display of uncouth manners she was said to have carried on for eight years as First lady, that prompted a seemly ferocious reaction from Mrs. Ojukwu in the form of slap which momentarily put paid to every paraphernalia of office left in Mrs. Obiano.

The slap saga has been trending in the media and the whole world is now aware of what Obiano as a Governor had tolerated in the eight years of his governance.

However, beneath the rascality displayed by Mrs. Obiano at that very occasion which has since been taken as a character defect, lies some security implications among which is the fact that she could have been beaten to death by Mrs. Ojukwu given her state of being tipsy and possibly lacking in strength.

Another dangerous dimension to the incident from security point of view was that the rowdiness momentarily created by the incident could have stoked some serious security breach from opposition politicians waiting in the wings to undo Soludo who from his body language and utterances would not do the bidding of those who think it will be business as usual.

A rowdy situation as created by the Ebelechukwu and Bianca saga could easily attract the quick action of some snippers on the trail of their political enemies.  The incident had created a diversion for the security who would have been taken unaware by any evil gunman lurking around.

Much as we take for granted the fact that it was a blood less breach of protocol in the inauguration ceremony, we dare caution that such an ugly incident should not be allowed to repeat itself any where in the various states of the Federation.

A state function as swearing in of a new Governor is not a pedestrian affair.  People with character defect whose antecedents are legendary, should closely be observed soon as they appear at such occasions.  Security agencies like the Department of State Service (DSS) should keep dossier on the character display of public office holders or their spouses particularly when a defect is repeatedly occuring.

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