The recent cases of death of gunshot victims due to their rejection by hospitals ostensibly due to non-submission of police report along with quest for treatment, has nakedly exposed the levity with which Nigerians treat laws of the land.
That two young promising Nigerians, Odiri Onosigho (32) and Ebenezer Ayeni (29) could deliberately be left to die by hospital personnel simply because they were not brought for treatment with police report largely tells the story of who we are. The stories of these two young men who were subjected to more traumatic experience while already in agony of bullet injuries clearly underscores the beastiality in some of us and affinity with the satanic kingdom.
Otherwise, how can one in his/her senses deliberately refuse to even stop the bleeding of the victims who were shot not by their own choice but as a result of the failing of the state called Nigeria which cannot protect her citizenry.
It is sheer madness and irresponsibility on the path of medical personnel, particularly doctors who swore to Hippocratic Oath at medical schools to take the health issue of patients with paramountcy, now turning to be the worst enemy of the same victims.
In the face of their audacious rejection of gunshot victims from treatment in the absence of police report, one is tempted to ask, of what use is the Compulsory Treatment and Care for Victims of Gunshots Act, 2017.
This Act which came to be, after several years of advocacy for the right of gunshot and accident victims to have unfettered access to treatment, expressly makes it mandatory for hospitals to admit gunshot and accident victims  to treatment before asking for police report.
It is highly embarrassing to Nigeria as a nation that four years after the law came into force, many medical personnel are either still ignorant of the existence of the Act or are aware of it, but chose to dare the government.
That the University of Ibadan Health Centre could have the effontry to deny Ebenezer Ayeni access to treatment and in the same breadth send him to a private hospital J-Ralph Hospital which in turn rejected the wounded young man with the sole excuse of not having police report, leaves a big question of where does the humanity of such medical personnel lie?
Ebenezer Ayeni from the narrative of his elder brother Ola Ayeni, battled for survival with his gunshot wound bleeding for no fewer than three hours before giving up the ghost.
The gospel singer and music producer; Ebenezer Ayeni was shot on the 10th of June, 2021 in his Ibadan Family residence by dare-devil armed robbers who were poised to incapacitate the two brothers before carting away their valuables.
He was left in a pool of his own blood during which his brother Ola who was also injured by the robbers gallantly drove him to various hospitals in search of medical attention, but all the hospitals visited, rejected him.
The same thing happened in the case of Onosigho. Hospitals rejected him due to non submission of police report.
With these recent incidents and the possibility of re-occurence, time has come for the Nigeria Police Force which is the enforcement agency to make a paradigm shift by going after the hospitals involved in these two recent cases.  They must be fished out and duly prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others. They must suffer the consequences of allowing Onosigho and Ayeni to die prematurely, thus leaving their families in perpetual anguish.

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