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The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice Friday is yet to receive any matter relating to the self-acclaimed Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho. who is facing trial in the Republic of Benin.

The deputy president of the court, Justice Dupe Atoki, who made this known, said the court of the 15-member West African countries would only be concerned with civil matters brought before it.

Speaking at the end of its one-week sensitisation mission to Kwara State, Justice Atoki said, “Obviously, there’s been no complaint about supposed Sunday Igboho before the court, and for all intents and purposes, the court has no idea of who Sunday Igboho is and what’s happening to him.

“We have no clue of who or what is happening to Sunday Igboho. The majority of the leadership of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice are not Nigerians.

“I am like the only Nigerian, and for judicial purposes, I have no knowledge of who Sunday Igboho is or what’s his challenge.

“The court is only concerned with matters that have been brought before it, and if matters had not been brought before it, we would just be a meddlesome interloper trying to fish out issues in the public domain, and we are not teleguided by mere newspaper presentations.

“We don’t read newspapers for the purpose of determining whether we should intervene or not,” she added.

Atoki, who said a total number of 583 had been received with 179 pending cases, added that the court had given rulings on 131 cases and delivered judgement on 303 matters.

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