By Nkasi Kolie

A housewife in Ebonyi State, Elizabeth Omeh, on Wednesday asked Ebonyi family Law Centre, a special family court in the State, to dissolve her over three years marriage because of her husband’s inability to satisfy her sexually.

Elizabeth also narrated to the court how her husband almost strangled her to death for demanding sex which made her to leave his house and return to her parents’ home.

She said her husband, James, had not slept with her for over one year, lamenting that each time she made attempt to seduce him for sex, he would start beating him.

Elizabeth told the court that she was tired of the marriage and had decided to return the dowry paid ob her to her husband’s family.

The woman, who is a nurse and a native of Ngbo in Ohaukwu local government area of the state, alleged that the husband’s family changed the man they initially presented as her husband and brought a sick man to marry her. She asked the court to end the marriage because of the man’s state of health and the family’s deceitful approach to her.

However, James denied all the allegations, saying he had no problem with his wife.

Speaking on the matter, Chairman of the Ebonyi State Family Law Centre, Mrs Elizabeth Nwali, said: “Since the woman has said that she will not continue with the marriage because of the deceit, constant beating and the man’s state of health which defiled all medical attentions, we cannot force her to stay there.

“However, we have no competent jurisdiction to dissolve marriages, but,  at worst, she can go to the welfare office in their local government area and pay the rejected dowry/bride price into the government treasury and move on.”

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