The Southern Youths Wing of the Christain Association of Nigeria, YOWICAN, has alledged that the current administration in the country “does not believe in equity and fairness.”

The YOWICAN, Chairman, Oluchukwu Green Nnabugwu, stated this in Owerri as part of his 61st Independence day message to Nigeria political leaders.

According to him, “Celebration of the nation’s 61years of Independence amidst the increasing security challenges, poverty, different agitations by various groups, poor infrastructural facilities among others, we should rather have a solemn reflection on our existence as one Nigeria, noting that it is time for our leaders to start asking questions to know the way forward to these menace ravaging the country.

“Time has come for our leaders to re-examine themselves, their stewardship and tell themselves the truth. Hunger, poverty and starvation are the bedrock of the various agitations by various ethnic groups. Because a Hungry man is an Angry man. The current leadership doesn’t believe in equity and fairness.

“The country and our leaders must work to protect the nation in areas of employment, healthcare, empowerment among others. As a Youth Leader, I desire that the Leadership of the country see Children and youths as the hope of the country and as such invest in them.”

“The Christian youths should also get involved in politics too to salvage the country. In Nigeria, youths have the greater population, hence it is Time to take over the system so that we can be in the same realm with other developed countries,” YOWICAN said.

Nnabugwu called on the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, to address the issue of hunger and poverty to stop several agitations in the country.

He enjoined the youths of the country to get involved in creative ventures to bring solutions to the numerous challenges in the country.

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