Ambassador Khalifa Shuaibu, President, Northern Advocacy for Peace (NAP) has condemned the attack on the forward operating base near Mando in Kaduna State.

Terrorists in their numbers attacked the forward operating base of the military killing 17 soldiers and leaving over 20 badly injured. The terrorists set ablaze many military cars and carted away from a large cache of military weapons.

Ambassador Khalifa Shuaibu regretted the destruction and boldness of the terrorists in the past month.

According to him, “in Niger, Sokoto, Zamfara, Borno, Kebbi and Kaduna, terrorists have continued to kill, maim, destroy and kidnap citizens. Terrorists have imposed heavy taxes on several communities in the country as if the government has collapsed or there is no military to protect the sovereignty of the country.”

Ambassador Shuaibu, further, reiterated the earlier call of the group on President Buhari to sack the Chief of Defence Staff and the Chief of Defence intelligence. The group wondered why, at a forward military base, terrorists will engage military personnel for over 3 hours without a backup or reinforcement by the military.

“It is surprising, to say the least, that, from available information in the public domain, these terrorists engaged personnel for over 3 hours without any backup. What has happened to our intelligence? He queried.

The group said with the bold attacks by the terrorists, there is a clear case of a collapse in the intelligence system or sabotage from some quarters in the military.

Recently in Kaduna which hosts all the military formations, a deadly attack in the Kagoro local government area led to the death of over 34 civilians, 2 military personnel and several wounded people with property razed down.

Zamfara has become a theatre of murder and a boxing ring of deaths. Over 37 civilians were killed and over 62 kidnapped in Jugi and Doruwa in Bungudu local government. Similar killings occurred in Ganar- Kiyawa village in Bukkuyum local government recording deaths and kidnapping of over 20 members of the community.

Kebbi state has not been left out in these bloodletting attacks, 63 vigilantes were murdered and the deputy governor of the state was attacked by bandits leading to the death of 18 soldiers. Pockets of killings and attacks have continued in the state.

Several local governments in Niger State are reportedly controlled by terrorists, armed groups and bandits, who visit communities with mayhem and destruction.

“The military cannot protect Nigerians on the roads, on trains and on air. The terrorists kill and kidnap travellers in the entire sector and no one is resigning or sacked? The Chief of Defense Staff and his Chief of Defense Intelligence should resign or Mr President should sack them without delay and bring new officers who will face the ever-changing tactics of the terrorists”

“Mr President must Sack the CDS and the CDI immediately. They have lost touch with the war. Elsewhere, these officers would have ordinarily resigned for failure. Nigerians are becoming impatient with excuses and tired of the everyday deaths, destruction and kidnapping by terrorists in their own country. “NAP said.

“We have made several calls to President Buhari to save lives of citizens by sacking the CDS and CDI for new people who will man the offices and protect the citizens and sovereignty of the nation. We therefore make bold to inform all Nigerians that, if the Chief of Defense Staff and the Chief of Defense Intelligence do not resign or are not sacked within 72 hours, we will commence protests rallies across the 19 northern states to call for their resignation and sack “the CSO warned.

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