The unfolding drama involving one of Nigeria’s most celebrated police officers, Abba Kyari; a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and an infamous internet fraudster, Ramos Abbas (a.k.a. Hushpuppi) who is standing trial in the United States of America has become one huge embarrassment that will leave so much lesson for any serving police officer and other security agents of the state in the days ahead.
Though Kyari is still presumed innocent until proven otherwise by the American court which has ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to provide him to defend himself on the allegation that he collected bribe from Abbas who allegedly scammed a Dubai businessman the sum of $1.1million.
Abbas had alleged that he contacted Kyari to help him use his position as Head of the police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) to arrest and jail another fraudster Kelly Chibuzor Vincent, who was having issues with him (Abbas) over sharing of the  scammed loot. Kyari was alleged to have been paid for such hatchet job though he did not jail Vincent after he was arrested but released him. This, obviously was the cause of Abbas’ anger against Kyari.
The public disclosure of the deal via the social media and the attendant institutional embarrassment it has brought to the Nigeria Police Force is currently unquantifiable as it would further expose more about the relationship that often exist between law enforcement officers and high profile criminals who always sort their way out with money.
In a society like Nigeria where corruption has become a norm, prebedalism is a common practice as people especially those with criminal tendencies are usually buying their way through.
Regrettably, Abba Kyari; a well celebrated senior police officer has found himself as a victim of such tendency by a criminal suspect (Hushpuppi) whose friendship he might not have envisaged to lead into the ugly story of today.
Though Abba Kyari is still innocent of the allegation in the face of the law, yet that he could admit having taken a brief of arresting Vincent on behalf of Abbas whose source of wealth and life style was questionable to any discerning mind, leaves a sour taste in the mouth.
Even though he did not eventually jail Vincent as requested by Abbas, the fact that he (Kyari) went ahead to help Abbas to procure some clothes from fashion designer as revealed by Kyari, showed the depth of their association or closeness.  Kyari in the process of such closeness obviously lost his senses as an intelligent officer who should not take anything for granted.
The same type of closeness was also noticed few weeks ago when the same Abba Kyari was openly seen hobnobbing with Obi Cubana – another high profile socialite whose source of wealth is still questionable given the way he spends publicly. People are having the feelings that such a high placed crime fighter should not have associated himself openly with the likes of Cubana whose friendship may simply be for coverage of any criminal path for them.
Ironically, there are many Nigerian police officers and men who have sold their professional integrity to criminals in the mould of Hushpuppi. They run errands for criminals for whatever favour especially financial and mindless the professional damage done in the process.
As the Kyari and Hushpuppi bribe allegation issue becomes clearer in the days ahead, we hasten to caution other police officers to be extremely mindful of the association they keep, as the likes of Hushpuppi are many looking for who to ‘destroy.’
DCP Abba Kyari undoubtedly has done well in fighting criminals  in our mindset and it will be quite unfortunate if at the end of investigation he is found culpable.  His possible culpability and ultimate conviction will surely be a sad chapter in the history of Nigeria, but it is our prayer that such would not happen.

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