By Charles Nwabardi
The Biafra Nations League (BnL) has confirmed the killing of its member by Cameroonian Forces of the Rapid d’intervention Battalion (BIR) in Bakassi Peninsula.
National Leader of BnL, Princewill Richards, said he received the news with shock, adding that after the clashes that happened Wednesday and that on Thursday morning it was discovered that one of its member lost his life.
The BnL Leader warned Cameroonian government that the group would not accept the killing of its member by BIR, adding that the group won’t give them the chance to intimidate the people of the area.
Trouble ensued when militia youths suspected to be members of BnL attempted to seize control of the Peninsula Wednesday, in a bid to prevent passage of vessels to Nigeria and Cameroon in line with the orders of the group, until Cameroonian Forces responded.
BnL had, a few weeks ago, seized control of entrance to the Peninsula, a boundary between Akpabuyo and Bakassi on the Nigerian side, hoisting the Biafran flag.
BnL has vowed to frustrate international business at the maritime borders of both Nigeria and Cameroon unless there was a referendum to determine the exit of Biafra.

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